Customer Success Story

Paper-Chase Publications

Mr. Smith approached R5 Media Group with a vision for a video and audio promotional campaign. We evaluated his brand, then created unique content to tell his story.


Company Name: Paper-Chase Publications, LLC

Paper-Chase Publications, LLC, an independent publishing company, was founded by J. Cerrone Smith in 2013. He has published five books, with two more in the works.

In addition to being an author and editor, Mr. Smith provides an extensive mentoring program that provides guidance to aspiring writers looking to begin their self-publishing journey.

Why Paper-Chase Chose R5 Media

Mr. Smith wanted to create some unique content for his brand but found it difficult to do so because of his demanding schedule. He turned to R5 Media to create couture content that embodied the voice of his brand. 

Instant Results

We created eye-catching digital assets for Mr. Smith that focused on the story he wanted to tell. The result was increased social media impressions and website clicks. 

Paper-Chase Digital Assets

Content created for Paper-Chase Publications included branding awareness and book promo campaigns.

Branding Awareness Digital Assets

Book Promo Digital Assets

(Caution: Audio Clips Contain Strong Language)